National Oceanographic and Maritime Institute (NOAMI)

National Oceanographic And Maritime Institute (NOAMI)

A Visionary’s Odyssey: Prof. Dr. ASM Maksud Kamal’s Stewardship of NOAMI and DU

Dr. ASM Maksud Kamal, presently serving as the Chairman of the National Oceanographic and Maritime Institute (NOAMI) and as the Pro VC (Academic) of the University of Dhaka (DU), has been appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of DU. This prestigious appointment was made by President Md Shahabuddin, who also serves as DU’s Chancellor, as per the education ministry’s circular.

Dr. Kamal boasts an illustrious career, having held various academic and administrative roles at the University of Dhaka. This includes his election as the Dean of the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences in 2012 and being elected as the President of the Dhaka University Teachers Association for four consecutive terms. Additionally, he has served as the convener of the Blue Panel, an Awami League-supported teacher organization at the university, and held positions on the university’s Senate and Syndicate. Moreover, Dr. Kamal has been the Provost of Surja Sen Hall for two terms and presently holds the position of President of the Federation of Bangladesh University Teachers’ Association.

It’s worth noting that NOAMI, established in 1978 as the first ocean and marine research organization in Bangladesh, plays a pivotal role in advancing marine and oceanic research and promoting the blue economy in the country. Dr. Kamal’s appointment as the Vice-Chancellor of DU marks a significant milestone in his dedicated work in the fields of Earth Science and Blue Economy¬†research.